5 attires for that perfect summer wardrobe

ips to style your summer clothing

Ideal summer clothing needs to combine style with comfort. Here are a few options to out-scorch the hot summer sun!


When we speak of summer trends, sundresses are usually part of the conversation. Trends come and go but consumers’ love for sundresses seem to be a constant factor and it’snot difficult to understand why — they never go out of fashion! Made of soothing breathable fabrics like cotton, linen or rayon, sundresses offer a lot of scope to experiment in terms of styles, patterns, and colours. They bring together a fusion of comfort and elegance and any fashionista’s wardrobe would be incomplete without a sundress for the sweltering months.

Cotton shirts and shorts

Whether you’rethinking of formal or casual attires, loose-fitted cotton clothing is just the comfort wear on hot days. Cotton shirts paired with rayon or poplin trousers or skirts could be wise choices as office attire because they are comfortable and quickly absorb perspiration when worn for long hours. For casual outings,cotton shorts are again an ideal choice for both men and women. They can be paired with t-shirts, shirts, crop tops, or even lightweight cotton jackets in case of women. It is best to go with pastel shades because they do not trap the heat and help to keep cool when the temperature soars.

Chambray trousers and jackets

For people who love denim, chambray is a must-try during the summer months. Chambray looks exactly like denim and is available in all the common denim shades but is actually a plain-weave cotton fabric. Though it looks similar to denim, it is thinner, lightweight, softer in texture and woven in a different manner. So faras trousers are concerned, chambray should top the list of ideal fabrics. For men and women who like to layer up and cannot play around with their denim jackets in summer, chambray opens up the opportunity to experiment. Chambray jackets can be paired with casual t-shirts or knee-length dresses for a chic look.


This one-piece attire helps to keep it simple and yet make a style statement. Light or medium weight fabrics are primarily used for playsuits which mean they can be made of linen, rayon, cotton, poplin, chambray, and khadi while there remains the possibility to experiment with multiple other fabrics. Much like playsuits,jumpsuits are also an excellent choice for summer clothing. Brands are increasingly experimenting with playsuits and jumpsuits in terms of design,which can vary from loose fitting overalls to short wraparounds. Paired with flats, playsuits work perfectly for informal parties and jumpsuits paired with heels can be a refreshing choice for formal occasions.


Long and flowy or short and breathable, skirts can be elegant either way. For the knee-length ones, rayon or chambray are good fabric options. One perk of choosing chambray over denim is that one has access to a more diverse colour palette. When opting for ankle-length skirts, you can experiment with bright colours and bold patterns to add a lively vibe that goes well with summer.

Post time: May-06-2021