A responsible textile products industry ensures safety and a clean environment, thus ensuring a long-term business model for all involved companies. The latest technology and the best applied practices result in a competitive advantage while simultaneously reducing effects on the environment and people. This is what we understand under the blue way. Together we change the environmental impact of textiles for the better.



Managing chemical substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process of textile products and onward – a vision to which BLUESIGN is committed. Input Stream Management is the route through which this is achieved. That’s why partners in the chemical industry undergo a strict on-site assessment in order to examine the effectiveness of the implemented Product Stewardship System. This allows for a transparent look at the manufactured chemical products and their risks. Accurate data and the development of new chemicals with low risks are the key to risk management and a sustainable departure from hazardous chemical substances. Real Chemical Change Management facilitates a detox of the entire supply chain, which in turn provides safer and more sustainable work and living conditions.


Textile materials and accessories manufactured exclusively with inspected chemicals in a safe and clean production facility without compromising quality, performance or design – BLUESIGN guarantees this through on-site company assessments and the implementation of comprehensive risk management plan for all types of manufacturers. In addition to qualitative and quantitative chemical management, the concept promotes resource-improving processing in order to reduce the impacts on people and the environment overall. Adherence to a social standard is a basic prerequisite for us. Satisfied employees in the supplier chain and convinced consumers are the outcome.


Traceability of textile products requires verified data and qualified information. Moreover, traceability needs to be fast and uncomplicated in order to make responsible business decisions. A Cloud Computing Solution provides continuous traceability of products, an online risk warning if there are changes, as well as recommendations for additional risk minimization. A networked supplier chain connects the right partners together. Thus, products are manufactured with high efficiency and maximal benefit to the consumer and environment. This is direct traceability.


The world wears it: Textile products that follow the blue way and have clear and continuous traceability. Brand quality thus represents minimal environmental burden with maximum sustainability. Open communication through third party-verified and fact-based information tells a new product story ensuring an honest, sustainable image while building trust. We show the industry’s enormous effort and guide the consumer along the blue way.

Post time: Apr-26-2021